Mixed Criticality Forum

The goal of the Mixed-Criticality Forum (MCF) is to provide access to selected project results for the community. Targeted members of the community are (a) component developers that have a real interest in and incentives for developing components initially based on the results produced in projects related to mixed-criticality systems (e.g., tools, platform components); and (b) community of application developers that use the resulting architecture for safety-critical applications.

Organizations from both the research and the industrial side are offered various benefits in the participation in the community (i.e. to join and use the achieved results) in order to facilitate uptake of these results.

The MCF furthermore provides a forum for stakeholders and community members to interactively develop and discuss the innovation roadmap for mixed-criticality systems of the future.

The community platform aims to make available project results and also facilitate sharing, discussion and further development on the platform, focusing on:

  • Meta-models for application and platform modelling
  • Virtualization components (e.g., extended network interfaces, resource managers)
  • Simulation environment
  • Tool support
  • Documentation and training material

For further information visit: mixedcriticalityforum.org

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10 Feb, 2018

Consortium Meeting in Valencia


We started our 3rd year with a meeting to push our demonstrators and plan the evaluation. The last year is

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24 Jan, 2018



Roman Obermaisser, Mikel Azkarate-askasua and Peio Onaindia presented some results of SAFEPOWER at HiPEAC ’18 in Manchester. The two

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25 Oct, 2017

Demostrator Workshop at OFFIS in Oldenburg


We used the feedback to push the Integration of the SAFEPOWER plattform in a dedicated meeting in Oldenburg

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