07 Sep


SAFEPOWER was happy to host this years DSD’18 special session on Mixed-criticality System Design, Implementation and Analysis, MCSDIA and present two papers showcasing the project’s results:

  • Functional Test Environment for Time-Triggered Control Systems in Complex MPSoCs using GALI
    Razi Seyyedi, Sören Schreiner, Maher Fakih, Kim Grüttner and Wolfgang Nebel
  • Exploring Power and Throughput for Dataflow Applications on Predictable NoC Multiprocessors
    Kathrin Rosvall, Tage Mohammadat, George Ungureanu, Johnny Öberg and Ingo Sander

Further we also had a paper at the Architectures and Systems for Automotive, Aeronautic, Space and Intelligent Transportation (ASAASIT) special session:

  • A Hypervisor Architecture for Low-Power Real-Time Embedded Systems
    Tomaso Poggi, Peio Onaindia, Mikel Azkarate-Askatsua, Kim Gruttner, Maher Fakih, Salvador Peiró and Patricia Balbastre

Please check out these publications if you wish to be up to date with the projects’ progress. In the picture you can see Razi Seyyedi (OFFIS), Kim Grüttner (OFFIS), Jaume Abella (BSC) und Tage Mohammadat (KTH).

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