Work packages

The activities of this project have been structured into seven different work packages. The proposed work-packages include all the necessary activities to achieve the SAFEPOWER objectives:

  • WP1 REQUIREMENTS will analyse state-of-the-art with respect to low-power aspects that could be implemented on the SAFEPOWER architecture. Accordingly, it will identify the needs of the potential end users of low power mixed criticality systems, and will define the set of technical requirements to be used as the guiding reference in the next development work packages.
  • WP2 REFERENCE SAFEPOWER ARCHITECTURE will develop the cross domain reference architecture for low-power mixed-criticality systems comprised of networked heterogeneous platform. In parallel, this work package will define the low power techniques that SAFEPOWER will develop to improve power management in this kind of systems and trace these requirements towards WP3 platforms. This WP will deliver the reference architecture concept to the rest of work packages.
  • WP3 PLATFORM IMPLEMENTATION will take care of the physical implementation of the results of WP2 into several physical and virtual components (the necessary software and hardware components of the SAFEPOWER reference platform) constituting the platforms of the SAFEPOWER concept and the building blocks for particular implementations of this platform. Those associated layers will be delivered by this WP and integrated iteratively with WP4.
  • WP4 USE CASES will demonstrate the applicability of WP3 results (the SAFEPOWER reference architecture, virtual and physical platforms) to implement industrial applications in different application domains. To do this, WP4 will deal with the design and implementation of the use cases on which the project research developments will be later evaluated in WP5.
  • WP5 EVALUATION will make use of the use cases delivered by WP4 to evaluate the results by stimulating specific features of the SAFEPOWER architecture according to a well-defined methodology.
  • These 5 workpackages are assisted by 2 administrative workpackages focussed on the overall management (WP7) of the project and the dissemination and exploitation of the results (WP6).
Call Back


10 Feb, 2018

Consortium Meeting in Valencia


We started our 3rd year with a meeting to push our demonstrators and plan the evaluation. The last year is

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24 Jan, 2018



Roman Obermaisser, Mikel Azkarate-askasua and Peio Onaindia presented some results of SAFEPOWER at HiPEAC ’18 in Manchester. The two

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25 Oct, 2017

Demostrator Workshop at OFFIS in Oldenburg


We used the feedback to push the Integration of the SAFEPOWER plattform in a dedicated meeting in Oldenburg

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